DNA Damage and Repair: Computations Meet Experiments


Members of the group travelled to the Lorentz Center at Leiden University, Netherlands to take part in a DNA Damage and Repair workshop hosted by collaborators Antonio Monari, Jean-Luc Ravanat and Elise Dumont (October 30th - November 03rd 2017). The workshop lasted 5 days and allowed participants to discuss their research in depth, through a combination of informal talks, working sessions, and discussions.

Presentations from the Kellett research group included:

  • Andrew Kellett – Polynuclear Metallodrug — Nucleic Acid Interactions: New Therapeutic and Biochemical Applications (Oral presentation)
  • Zara Molphy / Creina Slator / Andrew Kellett — [Cu2(tetra-(2-pyridyl)-naphthalene)Cl4] Displays Non Intercalative Major Groove Binding and Self-Activating Oxidative DNA Damage (Oral and poster presentation)
  • Creina Slator / Zara Molphy / Andrew Kellett — Di-Copper Metallodrugs Promote NCI-60 Chemotherapy via Singlet Oxygen and Superoxide Production with Tandem TA/TA and AT/AT Oligonucleotide Discrimination (Oral and poster presentation)

Thanks to Antonio Monari and the organising committee for the invitation to participate!