Inorganic Dublin 2017, Trinity College Dublin

Inorganic Dublin 2017 was held in the in the Science Gallery in TCD on 13th December 2017. Zara, Creina and Nicolo attended and presented their research projects during the evening poster session with Zara taking home the prize for best poster!

Presentations from the Kellett group included:

  • Zara Molphy — [Cu2(tetra-(2-pyridyl)-naphthalene)Cl4] Displays Non Intercalative Major Groove Binding and Self-Activating Oxidative DNA Damage (Poster presentation)
  • Creina Slator — Di-Copper Metallodrugs Promote NCI-60 Chemotherapy via Singlet Oxygen and Superoxide Production with Tandem TA/TA and AT/AT Oligonucleotide Discrimination (Oral and poster presentation)
  • Nicolo Fantoni — Caged Copper (II) Oxidative Chemical Nucleases