Dr. Zara Molphy

Background: BSc. (Hons) Chemical and Pharmaceutical Chemistry – Dublin City University (2012); PhD – Dublin City University (2017).

PhD Research Project: Copper Phenanthrene Oxidative Chemical Nucleases.

Since the discovery of DNA, the construction of small molecules that have the ability to recognise and react at specific DNA sites has been an area of considerable interest. The use of metal complexes as templates to afford DNA recognition is attractive from many angles including; ease of synthesis, geometric variation, asymmetry and ability to generate radicals via oxygen catalysis. A family of copper(II) artificial nucleases were generated containing phenazine scaffolds as novel templates to interact with DNA. Our rationale here is that systematic variation of the steric and electronic properties within this family of phenazine ligands will serve as an incisive probe of Cu/O2 chemistry at the DNA interface and will supply fundamental information for the design of improved artificial chemical nucleases. This project was funded by the Irish Research Council (IRC) Government of Ireland Postgraduate Scheme.

Postdoctoral Research: Polynuclear Platinum(II) Biomaterials (PPtBio) for Antisense Therapeutic Application and Detection of Human Genetic Disease.

Postdoctoral Funding body: Science Foundation Ireland

Research Gate Profile: www.researchgate.net/profile/Zara_Molphy