Bis-phenanthroline copper(II) phthalate complexes are potent in vitro antitumour agents with self-activating metallo-nuclease and DNA binding properties

Kellett A., O'Connor M., McCann M., McNamara M., Lynch P., Rosair G., McKee V., Creaven B., Walsh M., McClean S., Foltyn A., O'Shea D., Howe O., Devereux M. 

Dalton Transactions40 (5), 1024-1027, 2011.

Abstract: Three, structurally characterised, bis-phen Cu(II) complexes of the phthalate isomers display rapid, low micromolar in vitro cytotoxicity against a range of epithelial tumour cells. The complexes induce relaxation of supercoiled plasmid DNA in the absence of external reducing agents and display efficient CT-DNA, Poly[d(A–T)]2 and Poly[d(G–C)]2 binding.