Dr. Creina Slator


Background: BSc. (Hons) Chemical and Pharmaceutical Chemistry – Dublin City University (2012); PhD – Dublin City University (2017).

Research Project: Copper Metallo-Nucleases as Novel Cancer Chemotherapeutics.

The primary focus of this project is the mechanistic evaluation into the mode of action of lead copper-based chemotherapeutics developed within the Kellett research group.  In the 30 years since the discovery of the first synthetic chemical nuclease, copper(II)-bis-phen (Phen = 1,10-phenanthroline), this complex has endured as  a template for the construction of small-molecule DNA damaging reagents. This has formed the foundation for generating a range of mono- and di-nuclear copper, bis-phenanthroline carboxylate systems. Intracellular action and mechanistic properties of potential leads are investigated through a series of cellular pathway and process biomarkers, utilising an extensive range of molecular techniques, such as flow cytometry, confocal microscopy fluorescence spectroscopy and molecular biological methods.

Funding body: Irish Research Council (IRC) Government of Ireland Postgraduate Scheme and Dublin City University, Faculty of Science and Health Distinguished Scholar Studentship.

Research Gate Profile: www.researchgate.net/profile/Creina_Slator