Potent oxidative DNA cleavage by the di-copper cytotoxin: [Cu2(terephthalate)(1,10-phen)4]2+

Prisecaru A., Devereux M., Barron N., McCann M., Colleran J., Casey A., McKee V., Kellett A.

Chemical Communications48 (55), 6906-6908, 2012.

Abstract: The di-copper(II) cation, [Cu2(µ-terephthalate)(1,10-phen)4]2+, is a powerful, non-sequence-specific, minor-groove oxidizer of duplex DNA which, unlike copper(II) bis-1,10-phenanthroline chloride, operates independently of exogenous reagents. The agent displays excellent in vitro cytoxicity towards cisplatin-resistant ovarian cancer cells, producing intracellular reactive oxygen species upon nano-molar exposure.