Brionna McGorman

Brionna Photo.png

Background: B.A. (Mod.) in Genetics from Trinity College Dublin, M.Sc. Biomedical Diagnostics, DCU.

Research Project: Polynuclear Platinum(II) Antisense Nucleic Acid Discovery 

This project is part of the Science Foundation Ireland funded Career Development award: Polynuclear Platinum(II) Biomaterials (PPtBio) for Antisense Therapeutic Application and Detection of Human Genetic Disease. This PhD project aims to investigate the targeted binding affinity of polynuclear platinum(II) materials and to develop new, programmable, materials that act as in situ hybridisation probes for genetic detection. The development of new probes will be achieved through the use of heavily alkyne-modified Triplatin-PNA oligomers. The project involves nucleic acid chemistry, chemical synthesis, biophysical analysis, and molecular biology.

Funding body: PPtBio - SFI